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Why R.K. Sharma Art ?

Choosing R.K. Sharma as your portrait artist is an investment in capturing the essence of life and personality with unparalleled skill and artistry. Here’s why R.K. Sharma stands out as the top portrait painting artist in India:

  1. Mastery of Craft: With years of experience and a profound understanding of portraiture, R.K. Sharma demonstrates a mastery of the craft, infusing each portrait with depth, emotion, and a keen eye for detail.

  2. Diverse Styles: Sharma’s portfolio showcases a versatile range of styles, ensuring that your portrait is not just a representation but a unique piece of art tailored to your preferences, whether it be classical, contemporary, or something in between.

  3. Personalized Approach: R.K. Sharma takes the time to understand the personality, interests, and stories behind the individuals he portrays. This personalized approach results in portraits that go beyond mere likeness, capturing the essence of the subject.

  4. Exceptional Detailing: Sharma’s commitment to perfection is evident in the exceptional detailing of his portraits. From facial expressions to subtle nuances, each stroke is thoughtfully placed to create a lifelike and evocative representation.

  5. International Recognition: R.K. Sharma’s work has gained international acclaim, attesting to the universal appeal and artistic excellence of his portraits. Choosing Sharma means aligning yourself with an artist whose talent transcends borders.

  6. Legacy of Excellence: With a reputation as the top portrait painting artist in India, R.K. Sharma has established a legacy of excellence. When you choose him, you are choosing an artist with a proven track record of delivering exceptional and timeless portraits.

  7. Passion for Portraiture: R.K. Sharma’s passion for portraiture goes beyond the canvas. His dedication to the art form is evident in the emotional resonance and storytelling capability of each portrait, ensuring that your commissioned piece is a true work of art.


One Man show at Bajaj Art Gallery Mumbai 1991 to 2009

Group Exhibition at AIFCAS, New Delhi 2004, 2006

One Man show at Academy of fine arts. Calcutta 2004

One Man show at Chitrakoot Art Gallery, Calcutta, 1998, 2002, 2009

Group Exhibition Chennai 1992, 1997, 2000

One Man show at Nehru Center, London. May 2000

One Man show at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore, 1999

One Man show at Birla Academy of Art & Culture 1997

One Man show at Cymroza Art Gallery 1994 to 1996, 2012 Mumbai.

One Man show at Terrace Gallery Sussex, England, March 1996

The artwork I purchased for my living room is absolutely stunning! It brings life to the space and adds a touch of elegance. I am thrilled with the quality and the way it complements my décor. I highly recommend their collection for anyone looking to elevate their home with beautiful art.

Rajesh Dhingra
Rajesh Dhingra

The office space art I chose from their collection has truly transformed our workplace. The vibrant colors and inspiring imagery create a positive and motivating environment for our team. It has become a conversation starter and boosts our creativity. I am grateful for the exceptional art selection they offer.

Smarti Chauhan
Smarti Chauhan

I recently redecorated my café and incorporating the art pieces from their collection was a game-changer. The artwork brought a unique charm to the space and perfectly captured the ambiance I wanted to create. Customers have been raving about the art, and it has become a signature feature of my café.

Pashupathinath T.N.
Pashupathinath T.N.

The bedroom art I purchased from them has turned my room into a serene sanctuary. The artwork's soothing colors and serene landscapes create a peaceful ambiance that helps me unwind and relax after a long day. I am impressed by the quality and the emotional impact it brings to my personal space.

Balkrishan Ram Mishra
Balkrishan Ram Mishra


I was looking for something special to decorate my kids' room, and their kids' art collection was a perfect fit. The vibrant and playful artwork sparks their imagination and brings joy to the room. My children love it, and it has become a favorite spot for them to explore their creativity.

Rakhi Verma
Rakhi Verma

The religious painting I purchased from them has become a focal point in my meditation space. The artwork's serene depiction and spiritual essence create a calming atmosphere, allowing me to connect with my inner self. It has deepened my spiritual practice, and I am grateful for the art's transformative impact

Ambika Rawal
Ambika Rawal

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